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*Updated 02/06/2016* Products (including Test Enanthate) restocked! Back up to fast speed with domestic reshippers in your country!

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Best Pricing: We base our prices off the average prices per mg of the top three review sites and meet or beat their prices.
**Any package from ST.PB FL is an American copycat and not us! Do not purchase from these stateside fakes!
**E-mail: Support@Levram.us is the ONLY e-mail we use! We have NO REPS or other e-mails!
**Guest under age 21 will be IGNORED. You're too young to research with these products!
**Orals and AI/PCT are in stock! Check the orals section to find all of them!
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**Carrier Oils Used: We use the same high quality carrier oils used in famous pharmaceutical companies. This enables high dose products with minimal to no injection pain.
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