Welcome to Levram! *Updated 8/28/2015* - Restocked Today! We will be restocking other sold out items in a few weeks. Most products in stock now! Minimum is $200!

Minimum Order: $200.00 *Orders paid with BitCoin get 15% Discount!*
Delivery Time: 2 to 5 days, fastest you've ever had :)
Package Info: Discreet, Leak Proof (No Breaks!), NO Signature Required.
Pricing Match: We base our prices off the average prices per mg of the top three review sites and meet or beat their prices.
**Any package from ST.PB FL is an American copycat and not us! Do not purchase from these stateside fakes!
**E-mail: Support@Levram.us is the ONLY e-mail we use! We have NO REPS or other e-mails!
**Guest under age 21 will be IGNORED. You're too young to research with these products!
**Orals and AI/PCT are in stock! Check the orals section to find all of them!
**Carrier Oils Used: We use the same high quality carrier oils used in famous pharmaceutical companies. This enables high dose products with minimal to no injection pain.
**BITCOIN!: Bitcoin is NOW ALSO ACCEPTED AS A PAYMENT OPTION - If you'd like to use BitCoin, place your order under one of the other options and e-mail us stating you'd prefer to use BitCoin. Purchase BitCoin by creating an account with www.Coinbase.com**